Project: WE.CARE.

Client: Dentsply Sirona (as part of the course Design, Strategy & Innovation)

Brief: Create a design driven strategy for Dentsply Sirona Digital Implant Solutions

In collaboration with: Lea Herzfeld, Michael Bitz and Emanuel Uitz


Solution: By addressing their end costumer’s needs Dentsply Sirona extends their previous B2B offer in order to improve both dentist and patient experiences. This by creating a communication and service platform called WE.CARE. that will improve the dentist-patient relationship.


Value for the company: The company transforms from being a B2B company to also take their end costumers into consideration, and through this creates new business opportunities by extending their service offering.


Value for the costumer: The costumer value in this project is found in the transparency the platform provides. To go through a teeth implant process is very stressful for the patient, by offering a transparent service the patient can feel more at ease.


My conribution to the project: In this project I took a big responsibility for the design research, I made sure every member of the team hosted a small workshop to generate insights around the patient. My workshop built empathy for the patient by embodying the experience of being toothless.


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