Title: WE.CARE.

Year: 2017


Commission: School assignment



For the course “Design, Strategy & Innovation” we (me, Lea Herzfeld, Michael Bitz and Emanuel Uitz) were asked to create a design driven strategy for Dentsply Sirona.

Taking our point of departure from the design thinking process (empathize-define-ideate-prototype-test), we analysed Dentsply Sirona from a business perspective to quickly realize that in order to fully understand the problem we had to empathize with the users of their products (dentists and patients). To do this we analysed the experiences of the patients and the dentists through various methods; from mapping out the pain points in the work of a dentist, to painting our own teeth black in order to get the feeling of how it feels to have a toothless smile.

Our project resulted in a strategy that aims to put empathy at the heart of Dentsply Sironas offering. This by creating a communication and service platform called WE.CARE. that will improve the dentist-patient relationship.

Business analysis, strategy, design thinking, embodied knowledge, UX design


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