Hack the patriarchy


Title: Hack the patriarchy

Year: 2017


Commission: Self-initiated

Exhibited: Workshop during International Women’s day @ HDK


The art student union initiated a theme day on International Women’s day, inviting students to host lectures and workshops.

I together with Ana Paula Lafaire, Lea Hernzfeld, Henni Nguyen and Dinara Zhubaniyaz created a workshop with the intention on making the participants reflect on norms.

A one hour workshop designed to make the participants more aware of norms and reflect upon how these influence their daily life. By changing between individual reflection, team reflection and group reflection we could see norms through different perspectives.

Experience design, workshop design, workshop facilitation


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Väv 2017

I together with my Anonymous Rya Artist collective will host one exhibition and two workshops during Vävmässan 2017. See you there!

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