Title: Barlind

Year: 2017

Material: –

Commission: School assignment

Exhibited: –


For the course “Design, Branding & Marketing” we (me, Dinara Zhubaniyaz, Cong Bui Dinh and Marco Bar Goria) were asked to create a branding strategy for the microbrewery “Barlind Beer” located on Björkö in the archipelago of Göteborg.

After locating Barlind beer and its intentions we tried do understand the context in which Barlind beer exist, what does the people that drink Barlind beer talk about, what is on their minds?

We created a branding strategy that wants you to start talking to new people, and thereby create a greater understanding for other cultures. Beer drinking presents a great opportunity to meet new people, and by having a Barlind beer in your hand it becomes even easier to initiate a conversation.

We formulated Barlind’s (we decided to lose the beer part) new mission as Crafting beer that nurtures cultural diversity. This is clearly expressed in the strategy that reads No man is an island. We use this line from the famous poem by John Donne because we interpret the poem as a vision in itself that describes how people do not thrive when isolated from each other. On the opposite, it is by bringing people together that mankind can start to build great things.

Branding, Design process, co-creation

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