Anonyma Rya Artister

 Anonya Rya Artister

Year: 2016 – Present

Tehnique: Rya

Exhibited: Decembersalongen @ Katrineholms Konsthall, Skaraborgssalongen @ Skövde Konsthall, Väv 2017


I together with three artist colleges make up the artistic collective “Anonyma Rya artister”, which are exploring creativity and especially the rya technique through the use of a 12-steps program.

Using our own relationship to creativity as our individual point of departure we use this 12-step program as a method to locate and work through the issues that arise when we work with rya.

Through this work I have created several ryas often using different materials. As well as creating ryas we have monthly meetings where we meet and discuss our ryas and our progress through our own version of the 12-step program.

Artistic process, Craft, Design methods,


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