Strävan efter ett ursprungligt tillstånd?

 Strävan efter ett ursprungligt tillstånd?

Year: 2017

Material: Birch bark

Exhibited: Vatn @ Nordic house in Torshavn


The water knows where it’s going, it knows its direction.
The rain goes downwards, the mist strive upwards.
The tidal waves go out to later on return.

The birch barks knows its direction too.
It doesn’t wish to return to the shape of the tree.
Instead it strives towards the reverse.
So sure of where it’s going.

It is the water in the birch bark that leaves the material in due time.
It is the waters departure that creates the motion.
Because the water knows where it is going.

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Strävan efter ett ursprungligt tillstånd?

WATER Nordic Salon

This summer I will take part in the exhibition ”WATER – Nordic Salon” at the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands, the exhibition is open from 16 June until 17 August 2018.

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