Gothenburg’s fashion industry network

Client: ADA, Business Region Göteborg

Brief: Develop the fashion industry network of Gothenburg to become self-sufficient from ADA

Description: ADA is Business Region Gothenburg’s initiative to promote and support the cultural and creative industries in the Gothenburg region. I was asked to develop their fashion industry network through using a service design thinking methodology. The project’s point of departure were the users’ needs which were identified through deep interviews. The insights brought on by the interviews was continuously presented to the project management that worked as a feedback loop in the design and execution of the new organisation that came to be the result of the work. Through this project, new contacts and collaborations could be established between employers, costumers and the textile industry. My work has contributed to the creation of a new organisation called ”Tex! By Marketplace Borås”, that now functions as a platform for the textile industry in western Sweden.

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