Göteborgs modelejon

Project: Göteborgs modelejon

Client: ADA, Business Region Göteborg

Brief: Develop the fashion industry network of Gothenburg to become self-sufficient from ADA

Solution: The current state of Gothenburg’s fashion industry was presented in the report “Göteborgs modelejon – en underdog eller ett modelejon”, providing facts and numbers on the importance of the fashion industry in Gothenburg, in order to generate a greater understanding of the industry. To develop a sustainable business model Gothenburg’s fashion industry network have initiated a conversation concerning a collaboration with Marketplace Borås.

Value for the company: If ADA transfer the responsibility of the organization to Marketplace Borås the result might be a stronger regional fashion industry as Borås and Gothenburg have the opportunity to work together. A strong region is in the interest of ADA since they also have a regional perspective in their responsibilities.

Value for the costumer: For the practitioners within the fashion industry a functional  network would mean access to a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing, which would strengthen the local fashion industry.

My contribution to the project: In this project I have been leading the project forward in constant dialouge with the users of the fashion industry network.

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