Project: Hälsoboten

Client: Barnhälsovården in Västra Götalandsregionen

Brief: Investigate how parents use Hälsoboken

Team: Florence Ducler, Jessica Juhlin & Carl Oscar Rosén

Parents doesn’t use  Hälsoboken as intended, instead our proposal for Västra Götalandsregionen is to collaborate with 1177 in order to use their platform as the home for the chatbot Barnhälsoboten, a bot that answers questions concerning children’s health. The data generated by the chatbot could then be used for informing parents and nurses on trending questions.

Value for the company: 
The nurses are very stressed in their professional life. Misinformed parents only increases the stress levels and by addressing the problem of misinformation the parents can take their questions elsewhere and thereby let the nurses concentrate on what is most important – the visiting child’s health.

Value for the costumer: 
Parents that don’t know where to turn elsewhere than BVC with their questions regarding children’s health now get an option in the chatbot. By also subscribing to the newsletter the parents can stay well informed regarding trending questions around children’s health. In that way they might even be delivered an answer before the question arises.

My contribution to the process: 
In this project I took on a big responsibility in leading a design process while also teaching it as some of the team members came from other academical backgrounds.

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