The new Hälsoboken

Client: Barnhälsovården in Västra Götalandsregionen

Brief: Investigate how parents use Hälsoboken

Description: I was part of a multi-disciplinary team with competences within communication, law and business development asked to examine how parents use Hälsoboken, a material provided by BVC (Childrens healthcare). As a service designer I was responsible for leading the group through a design thinking process, that also included teaching the methodology to those in the team that was new to the concept. We started the project with a trend analysis, and user interviews with both nurses and parents. The insights we gathered was used to create a concept presented to our client through a co-creative workshop that tweaked the concept to better fit their needs. The project was presented as a concept and has after delivery been used as a basis for further studies which has been rewarded funding by the local innovation platform.


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