Koala Bag

Title: Kola bag

Year: 2015-2016

Material: various materials

Commission: Proposal for Snigeldesign


During an internship at Snigeldesign I developed a new backpack that takes it inspiration from the Stridsäck used within the Swedish military.

This process had the intended user in mind at all times. Starting off with interviews of soldiers to fully understand the use, I then proceeded to sketching and the development of a prototype suitable for field tests by a soldier. This was then repeated until the backpack was approved by the soldier testing it in field.

Koala bag is a 60 litres backpack addressing the modern day soldiers need for flexibility, the backpack is divided into two volumes (30 litres each) that may be carried together or separately. Although developed with military needs in mind the backpack is a great comrade in civilian life as well.

Design process, Product development, Craft, User centred design




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