Organizational Kintsugi

Project: Organizational Kintsugi

Client: Göteborgs Stad (as part of the course Integrated Projects)

In collaboration with:  Rutger Steens, Agnes Thålin Lundin, Dinara Zhubaniyaz and David Börjesson

We were asked to make a suggestion on how to assist Göteborgs stad Centrum with their move into an activity based workspace.

We interviewed employees, read up on activity based workspace and change management, and tried out an activity based workspace ourselves. Our greatest insight was that in order to successfully implement AWB you need to clearly communicate its new ways of working.

We developed a concept based on Kintsugi, a philosophy that highlights the fact that the gold is to be found in-between, in the meetings. This ideas turned into a handbook for the managers that includes suggestions on how to engage the employees and translate the concept into events and tangible artefacts.

Change management, Design thinking, User centred design, Craft, Communication,

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