Rannebergens Fixotek

Project: Rannebergens Fixotek

Client: Miljöbron & Bostadsbolaget

In collaboration with: Heba Hammoud, Sebastian Hellström, Anna Skoglund Keiding, Maja Svending

Miljöbron and Bostadsbolaget invited students to a project on how sharing economy could be implemented in Göteborg.

Starting off with talking to the citizens of Rannebergen we identified their wants and needs and then researcheds how these could be developed in dialogue with Bostadsbolaget.

Presented below is the report that was the result of our work. The report gives a background as well as suggestion on how the empty space in Rannebergen could be used as a “Fixotek”, a place where you can fix broken things.  At a later stage the ideas presented in this report will be further developed and implemented, and Rannebergen will see Sweden’s first ever Fixotek!

Read the report here

Design process, Citizen dialogue, Pre-study

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