The Fashion Affirmations


Title: The Fashion Affirmations

Year: 2015

Material: Mixed media

Exhibited: Svarta lådan @ Scandic malmen


If we view fashion as a means of communication, how abstract could this communication be for us to still be able to connect with each other?

This is a work raising questions about fashion and it´s materialism as well as the power of thought. Building on the new age concept of affirmation cards (cards with positive messages) the Fashion Affirmation cards instead holds description of clothes. You repeat (affirm) the description until you believe you are wearing the garment described.

If we view fashion as one of the quickest means of communication, then it could also be seen as the most efficient way to communicate in the public room. But what happens if the clothes we are wearing aren’t visible, if it’s only part of our mind? Could we then still be able to connect through our clothing? Is our power of thought strong enough to translate into the wordless communication that constitutes fashion?



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This summer I will take part in the exhibition ”WATER – Nordic Salon” at the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands, the exhibition is open from 16 June until 17 August 2018.

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