Touch Imagery


Title: Touch Imagery

Year: 2017

Exhibited: As part of the official program during Open Week, Gothenburg Design Festival

In collaboration with: Amina Kadribasic and Arianna Amacker


We believe that touch is at the epicentre of our social sensory system. Specifically, the human hand embodies the discovery of one’s relation to the world around him/her, to a community and to one another. The hand is both a site of intimacy and exploration – an opportunity to touch and be touched.

We invited participant to receive hand experiences as a drop-in session during Open Week – Gothenburg’s Design Festival. The experiences/sensations were performed on participants’ hands but obscured from their view as the set-up was intended to explore a moment of uncertainty, elements of expectation and trust. The touch interactions were also meant to allow the participants to re-connect with/through their hands and the sensory memories, thoughts, textures, feelings, embedded in their skin and fingertips. Afterwards the participant was asked to reflect and share his or her individual feelings and thoughts.


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