What if leaving is a loving thing?




Title: What if leaving is a loving thing?

Year: 2017

Material: Clay



I can choose to have but I choose to not have, I refuse instead of embracing, and I feel content with what I have instead of being aroused of what I could have or what could have been. It is like the state of mind often associated with the religious practice of abstinence as a self-enforced restraint from indulging. But as I move in the capitalist logic it instead seems like an irrational act.

Christianity early on introduced the notion that a good spiritual life and the pursuit of business and money are sworn enemies, and this was once the foundation of Christianity’s critic of capitalism. But as the protestant virtues was introduced by the theologian John Calvin it was suggested that to be a good Christian I should practice hard work, self-denial, patience, honesty and duty. These qualities started making wonders for capitalism, and it is suggested that these ethics helped capitalism merge to what it is today. But as capitalism progressed self-denial seemed to diminish. Self-denial is the willingness to forgo personal pleasures in the pursuit of the increased good of another. It’s an act of love aimed towards someone else. But when capitalism wants me to enjoy the abundance, to reap the fruits in its ever growing garden, it is hard to see why I should refrain myself from doing so.

That’s why I thought love was expressed by our eagerness to consume each other. Now I understand that it is not, and the best thing I can do for you are to leave. I ask of you to see my leaving as my conscious choice; it demands a decision that is then to be transformed into action. By physically or mentally removing me, a distance is created. And that distance is a sign of my affection for you.

So I ask you, can you see how my leaving is a loving thing?


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