Underkläder -16


Title: Underkläder -16

Year: 2016 – Present


During an internship at Snigeldesign I wanted to investigate the female soldiers’ feelings around the uniform.

During interviews with female soldiers working for the Swedish armed forces I soon came to realise that they all experienced problems with their assigned underwear. Together we pinpointed the problems and I designed new models that took into account their special requirements as well as the requirements for military equipment, from that I prototyped models to be tested in the field.

My prototypes came to include 1 sports bra and 2 kind of panties for women, and 1 long john and 1 legged pantie for unisex use. Snigeldesign has been using my design for the sports bra and one of the panties as a point of departure for their work on underwear that is part of their proposal towards the new field uniform system that Sweden will develop together with Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Product development, User centred design, Design process, Industrial production

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